XRP Gains 10%, Bulls Aim for $0.5050 as Price Breaks $0.470 Resistance

• XRP is trading higher above $0.360 and attempting a key upside break above the $0.4660 resistance.
• If the bulls pump XRP above the $0.4820 resistance, there could be a strong increase towards the $0.5050 or even $0.5120 levels.
• Alternatively, if there is no upside break, XRP price might start another decline towards the $0.450 support level with potential for further losses to the $0.420 level.

XRP Price Forecast

XRP has been making gains against US Dollar and may soon attempt a key upside break above the key resistance of $0.4660 on its 4-hours chart. If successful, this could lead to a strong rally with potential for prices to reach as high as $0.505 in coming days and weeks ahead; however there is also risk of further losses if there is no upside break from current levels, potentially leading prices down towards as low as $0.420 in such scenario.

Upside Break Above Key Resistance

After forming a base near the crucial support of $0.4150 level, XRP has seen an increased buying pressure which led prices breaking through several hurdles near the resistance of around $0.4335 mark and entering into positive territory since then.

The price has now moved past its pivot point at around $$

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