The Ethereum Trader trading robot

How much can you earn on Ethereum Trader?
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The Ethereum Trader trading robot boasts a high success rate of around 99%.

Based on this high success rate, the robot claims that its users can earn up to $3,000.

We looked at some user testimonials and online reviews of Ethereum Trader, we found that the trading bot could potentially earn users $2500 in profits per day, almost as much as the Immediate Edge bot.

How do I sign up for Ethereum Trader?

Opening an account with Ethereum Trader is a simple and easy process. Indeed, signing up for the platform is done in 4 simple steps. The main steps to register with Ethereum Trader are

1 – Register on the Ethereum Trader website
2 – Train in demo mode on the bot
3 – Make a first deposit to your account
4 – Configure your bot and let it trade

1. Opening a Ethereum Trader Account
To create an account with Ethereum Trader, you need to fill in the registration form on the homepage of their site. You will need to enter your first and last name, your email address and your contact number.

Ethereum Trader

The process of registering with the Ethereum Trader bot is not a typical one. Once you have finished filling in the form and clicked on “register now”, you will receive a message saying that you will be contacted later.

2. Practice on the Demo Account

Ethereum Trader allows you to simulate transactions on a demo account. Using a demo account provided by Ethereum Trader allows new users to better understand how the bot works.

In addition, the demo account also allows you to backtest and test different strategies without risk.

3. Depositing Funds on Ethereum Trader
Once you’ve had a good workout on the demo account, you can take the next step and deposit funds to invest for real. The minimum deposit on Ethereum Trader is $250.

Ethereum Trader

You can find different payment methods on the deposit page.

4. Activate Auto Trading
After depositing funds into your Ethereum Trader account, you can now start trading for real and activate auto trading.

You can use the trading robot without changing any of the predetermined settings.

Alternatively, you can also adjust some of the settings according to your goals and trading style.

Adjusting Settings and Enabling Auto Trading

Some of the settings that users can change include Stop Loss, Take profit, assets to trade, amount invested and the maximum number of trades the robot can make.

Fees on Ethereum Trader
Using the Ethereum Trader robot is completely free.
Ethereum Trader does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.
Ethereum Trader charges you a 2% commission on all profits.
Ethereum Trader does not charge a fee on your losing trades.